Twin IPAs.png

Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company have a couple of brews for you to compare. Diamond Hands and Paper Hands have been brewed with the same ingredients using two separate brewing methods.

Diamond Hands is a modern version of the hazy IPA. It expresses flavours and aromas of tropical and ripe stone fruit resembling mango, apricot and nectarine. This is contributed from massive whirlpool additions of hops and generous double dry hopping. Diamond Hands has a very low bitterness and an easy drinking juice like palpability with a thick body and mouthfeel.

Paper Hands is a modern take on the west coast IPA. It's the same WCIPA we all know and love but without the extensive chewiness derived from crystal malts and excessive bittering hops. Paper Hands has an easy drinking, round but crisp body, with an appropriate bitterness to match the malt profile. The light, easy drinking malt profile helps to showcase the pine, floral, and citrus characteristics of the hops. Huge dry hopping and whirlpool additions make this beer dangerously easy drinking.

Come in and grab a twin pack