Kuma Tumeric liqueur. Kuma is a liqueur made with turmeric root, citrus peels, coriander, and black pepper. It’s about a similar sweetness level as a sweet vermouth or amaro, making it sippable on its own over ice, and has nice depth of flavor.

What is turmeric? Turmeric is a plant native to India and southeast Asia that’s mostly known for its root, and has been used for cooking (perhaps most notably as the ingredient that gives curries that rich warm yellow color), dyes, and medicine for centuries. It’s been in human use for over a thousand years, though only recently has been picked up as one of those hipster “health” ingredients. Fresh turmeric looks like a slightly smaller and orange-colored ginger root, but it’s often just sold in powdered form (made by drying and grinding the root).

Turmeric root has an extremely rich yellow/orange color that will almost instantly stain anything it touches (including skin). It’s related to ginger, but has a very different flavor profile. Rather than the sharp spiciness of ginger, it’s much more earthy, pungent, and bitter. It adds incredible complexity in dishes (and cocktails!) and can help bind together strong flavors – just think of why it’s used in curries alongside intensely aromatic spices!

Kuma Turmeric Liqueur