pür•likör blossom, elderflower liqueur The flavour of this classic Bavarian Elderflower liqueur has evolved out of a refinement process that dates back centuries. True to its tradition as an herbal elixir, pür•likör blossom is made exclusively from Sambucus Nigra elderflowers in accord with the seasons when the elderflowers are in bloom in spring. pür•likör blossom is a deep amber, herbaceous, dry style elderflower liqueur which is ideal for mixing as it complements other ingredients without dominating the cocktail. Let pür•likör blossom’s versatility inspire you to create magic cocktails. A perfect companion for champagne & gin. Pairs well with grapefruit, cucumber and mint. 22% alc. /vol. (44 proof)

Pur Spirits Elderflower Liqueur